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The phrase “Be Close To The Client” is more than just a slogan — it is a belief that I live by.  To me it means more than simply getting to know my clients.  It means that I get to know their businesses and their marketplaces as well.  I take the time to get close with each client so that I can anticipate and respond to their needs more quickly.  My involvement with the client produces a kind of commitment that they would normally expect only from a business partner.  I invest a great deal of care and resources in every client.

My success is largely due to my flexibility, problem-solving skills and work ethic, which, in turn, are the products of a long and colorful history.  I can provide a company with the entire range of marketing services from the most traditional print ad to the latest strategic marketing technology.

I provide superior Information Technology solutions.   My abilities are designed to improve your business and responsiveness to your customers.  Focused on results, my past jobs have been serious about utilizing Information Technology to gain a competitive advantage in today’s evolving marketplace.

My GOAL is to achieve two objectives:

1. To deliver a product or service which is uniquely created for the specific needs of the consumer or client.  To introduce new products and services to the market faster, with a higher degree of reliability and customer or client satisfaction than that of my competition.

2. My practices maintain strong relationships with clients and partners who share my standards.  I have targeted several growth areas including Communications, Software, Financial Services, Retail and Manufacturing.

Using my extensive expertise, I design, develop, and deploy strategic ideas and other reusable solutions that deliver core elements of client care solutions.

Experience has shown that a successful marketing direction encompasses hours of market studies, along with an effective pattern of testing.   Training has taught me that the most effective way to identify your best prospects is to study your best customers.  Prospects resembling your primary customers need your products and services, too, and will tend to buy them in similar quantities.   Although learning more about your customers can be a long and arduous process, I make the work easy by highlighting the most productive market segments, thus allowing you a better understand of your marketing direction.

My years of experience in solving clients’ problems can help your company gain a better understanding of its market.  I can help identify areas of greatest opportunity and develop strategies for exploring them.

I have sought out those marketing success stories in their respective industries and found the answer to be amazingly simple.  My marketing skills are a virtual “think tank” with the wisdom, the vision and the ability to lead your company on the road to the future.  By using my expertise in developing these models, I will help your company to design their path to discovering a successful image.

I have dealt with some of the largest businesses both in the U.S. and abroad: Bonnevest Ventures Investment Firm – HealthCare Integration Technology Corporation – Human Resource Technologies Inc. ( Career Dominion Inc. and EZCareerPost.Com Web Portals ) – Picante Corporation (software) – BellSouth Corporation – BellSouth Dot-Net (ISP) – Bellsouth Emerging Services Division (xDSL, ATM, DAP, and Video Conferencing – developed a $1.3 million strategic product marketing and communication plan) – BellSouth Communications Systems (eCommerce) – Nortel/Norstar (Presentation CD) – LogOn Technologies, Inc. (software) – Maritz Research Division (research and communications) – DCRI Corporation – Trade Connections, South Africa – The Charter Yacht Brokers Association – Electra Communications Corporation, U.K. – United Way, Inc. (direct mail) – NEC America – St. Paul Hospital – Sound Warehouse – Alexander Farrelly 1986 Gubernatorial Election Campaign, U.S. Virgin Islands – Artege’ Financial Services, France – La Isla Cozumel, Secretary of Interior Mexico City, Mexico – Neotech Industries, Ireland – Bonanza Int’l Restaurants (franchising Division).

When we say we offer everything under the sun, we really do! I have the experts in everything from corporate images to  advertising products. Whether you need press releases, social media posts, product descriptions, ad copy or white papers, our copywriters have the right stuff to make your marketing and advertising succeed beyond your wildest dreams. We guarantee our copywriters’ work because we hire only the very best in the industry.

Commitment and reliable
Strong communication and negotiation skills
Exceptional organizational and analytical skills
Client relation abilities
Willingness to go the “extra mile”
Friendly and outgoing personality
Creative problem solving abilities
Proven leadership aptitude

“Encourage, lift and strengthen one another. For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all.” – Deborah Day

“When possessions and money become a surrogate for our real identity, who we are is tied to things that rust and rot away.” – Patrick Morley

Because of my focus on providing the very best. I am also legally bound by a non-disclosure agreement, so your hot new campaign idea is safe from the prying eyes of your competitors.

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