Nolanville needs…

A City Hall for the People 

A Police Chief who cares, and shows it

Bell County Fire Department  

 I’ll be your voice at City Hall and “together” we will bring change to Nolanville’s City Hall, Police, and Fire Dept. for 2024.

We must make sure that you, the citizens, are kept informed of all changes in government. Tell your friends about my website and check back, as I will be adding more information about Nolanville and our next moves.


How can the city better serve you. What are your concerns and needs? Log in to our Discussion Board and “Speak You Mind”.


1. SPY CAMERA’S in Nolanville? 


2.  Should all officials serving in Nolanville be Elected by the People?  Vote to change the City Charter?


3. Bell County Fire Department – The Real Story Questions…

What was the REAL Story behind getting rid of Bell County Fire Department? What documents are out there that tells the real story? What was said and by whom that would let the Bell County Fire…


4.  If you don’t Register, and VOTE on Nov. 7th – then you will end up losing more than you think.  I will be your VOICE in City Hall, while making sure you’re protected. – Captain Bob Edwards



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