Captain Bob Edwards

So, do you want to change the direction of Nolanville or let it stay in the quagmire that has infected it for years?  You need to VOTE, but first understand who you are casting your votes for…

If you got the chance to listen to the League of Women Voters forum on the 10th of October – this is how it could be summed up:  Anyone that feels that the current council is doing a great job, well there’s no hope for you and you deserve what you’ve gotten.

The follow candidates running made the following statements and don’t desire to hold office.

“The City Manager, Mayor, Chief of Police and yes, the NEW Fire Chief are doing a great job!”

Seat 2 – Justin Karlsson; Michael Whitson and Seat 4 – Mikayla Mondragon

As for the ones that didn’t show up, just maybe you should ask them where they stand?

But, if you’re tired of them raising your taxes, wasting your money, loss in city revenue, targeting some and not others, then I will make you these promises:

  1. Build an Infrastructure that will surpass the surrounding cities.
  2. I will listen to you on all issues.
  3. Do my best to STOP them from voting your rights away.
  4. I understand the only way to attract businesses to Nolanville is through solid negotiations with businesses where there’s a Win – Win outcome.
  • I’ll back these statements up with my 30 years of experience dealing with corporations and vendors for the following corporations: Hitachi America, Bonnevest Ventures Investment Firm, Newcastle, CA; Healthcare Integrated Concepts, Inc., San Jose, CA, Human Resource Technologies, Inc., Dallas, TX; BellSouth Corporation, Atlanta, GA; Career Dominion, Inc,; LogOn Technologies, Inc., Dallas, TX; Bonanza Restaurants; Neiman Marcus; Dallas Photo Magazine; Mostek; Bag n’ Baggage; NEC America, Inc.; Dallas Times Herald Newspaper; Deposit Guaranty Bank; Career Dominion AD in Dallas Technologies Guide; I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt, and The Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands.  South Africa – Developed and sold fifteen corporate incentive travel charters prior to the completion of Delphinus, Trade Connection’s first vessel and generated $575,000 in pre–launch revenue.

I’ll match my track record with anyone running and have the references to back each of these corporations up. 

We must run Nolanville as a business and knock off the insanity that currently surrounds it today.  You can’t listen to some while ignoring others.  I know that each citizen living here cares about how the city FEELS and LOOKS. 

No matter your income level, or where you live, you will always do YOUR BEST in your actions so that outsiders will see and know that Nolanville would be a “Great Place to Call Home”.  If you would like to spend time talking about your concerns, please give me a call at 727-281-6283.  I will work with anyone, but folks need to start acting like adults.

Seat 4 Bob Edwards, Captain, licensed by the USCG/Merchant Marines


Planned Topics for a Better Nolanville:


  1. Affordable housing: Is there affordable housing?  The Last time I checked it costs a 2 – income family well over 150k to own a home.  Should our tax dollars be better spent by supplying affordable education, trade schools and keeping the nuclear family together with a father and mother.


  1. Community development: First you need to show a solid foundation for development; You need to show the community that the city cares about each member no matter their income or where they live. Using Code Enforcement to target folks that live in mobile homes by issuing tickets for folks for parking on the grass.  Each of our neighbors should have clean lawns that are mowed, and trash picked up.  The city needs to lead by example, and not by costing families, at a time, in America’s history, where they have to choose between a tank of gas, food or school supplies or building a driveway. For Example: Oncor wants to build a sub-station.  This is not a closed issue. – but the council is here to keep these lines of communications open.


  1. Small business support: It appears on the surface support is nonexistent. The city spends tax dollars developing a skateboard park, sidewalks in neighborhoods that are on just one side of the street: why? I was told because it looks good. What a dumb answer.  Nolanville has literally no retail space, but we will have a skateboard park.  Which might just be used by or not.  The city has in-fighting over getting rid of the Bell Co. Fire Department, so a city of 5,000 can have its own Fire Department when Bell County Fire Department is doing a good job.  Why doesn’t the city spend its tax dollars building infrastructure store fronts along the R/R tracks?  For example, use a Whistle Stop theme with an old-style design, while being more open minded to current businesses and have someone in place with a good understanding on how to negotiate with businesses so that both the city and the local businesses win.  NO in most cases will end up costing the city long term revenue. 


  1. Youth programs: Has anyone spent time talking to the youth to find out what they would like to have in their town? It would be nice to get the youth involved in the decisions of what Nolanville needs, not what the city thinks they need.  Elect a board of youth to work and spread the word that Nolanville wants to hear from them. Give the youth some responsibilities and show them that Nolanville cares and you’ll be surprised. Teach reading, writing and arithmetic and not how to change their sex.


  1. The use of city bonds: The city needs to develop a city-wide forum so that each citizen can understand and have input to their taxes. It would be helpful to spell out each bond, so that everyone could better understand the bond by removing the legal language.  Remove the City Manager from being able to sign all agreements without a full board approval.


  1. Safety and infrastructure on the 439 Spur: How about running radar and slow down the out-of-control speeders, instead of hidden cameras taking pictures of ALL vehicles coming into Nolanville? Change the city charter so that the Police chief and ALL positions are elected positions.  This way the PEOPLE get to know them, and their ideas, but most of all elect them to office.  If the Chief/City Manager had to win the voters and go out and tell the residents their true feelings, would we have the issues we currently face today?


  1. Fire and ambulance services for the City of Nolanville: I’m not sure how many tax dollars were spent on a new Chief, Fire Trucks and a Fire Station. Nolanville could have easily left the Bell County F/D intact and pay their current staff instead of having them stand on street corners looking for hand-outs.